Network Products

The aim of the ESF Age Network is to link the world of ESF funding in Member States and regions to the knowledge of best practice in age management. This section of the website showcases the results of its work.

The Network's products include:

The Good Practice Guide providing examples of major publicly funded programmes reviewed by the Network.  The aim of these programmes was to support older people find work, improve their employment prospects or help them to extend their working lives either directly or by promoting age management policies and practices amongst employers.

A baseline study to assist understanding of the key issues associated with the impact of demographic ageing, ways to tackle it and age management. It provides a detailed snapshot of the most topical developments in the field. It reviews the existing framework approaches at EU and national level and assesses the need for further improvement in line with the aims of the Network. The baseline study presents in a systematic and structured format the existing but fragmented knowledge of effective age management approaches.

An inventory of projects, programmes and tools related to age management and searchable by country or by the following themes: supporting the unemployed to find work: job to job transitions: HRM policies; health management; education and training; work life balance; phased retirement; self employment.

The fast-paced video: Did You Know? which underlines the urgent need for action in the EU to tackle issues posed by demographic change.

A training curriculum providing key elements for effective ESF programming in the field of healthy and productive ageing at work. It is targeted at ministries and ESF Managing Authorities involved in the process of ESF programme design and implmentation in the EU Member States and at intermediary and implementing bodies such as social partners, organisations in the field of health management, career management, employment services, amongst others.  It includes a list of expert speakers.